Male Model

BTS: Jeff Thomas, Kim Dawson Agency

A few weeks ago I decided to recreate my men’s book. I wanted to aim towards the more fashion geared clientel, aka the designers and ad agencies that I need to get bookings from. I wanted to create and stick to my own style instead of being too diverse and broad. I wanted to go kind of dark and sexy at the same time. This has proven to be a challenge and I’m still constantly working on it and hopefully I will get there one day.


Mens Book: Jordan Bergendahl

It’s about time I got back to a little fashion photography! Don’t take me wrong, I love the whole cheesy family photo and the forced smiles, but sometime shooting men and women in fashion wear seem to fit me best. I recently photographed a male model, those of you who follow my work may recognize him, Jordan Bergendahl. I worked with him two years ago as a test for my “My First Kiss” series which made a huge round on the internet.


BTS: Male Model – Jordan B.

What does a fashion photographer do during their time-off? Keep on shooting, of course! Yesterday I decided to kill some time that I had and photographed a male model that I previously worked with before.

We were trying to mix some fashion into sexual intensity, but ended up laughing the whole time. Needless to say we did end up getting some pretty good shots that I’ll be editing over the week and posting it here for you all to see.

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