Dallas blogger branches out

Due to ‘legal issues’ with boyfriend, TreyCruz.com now PopWired.com. In June of 2007, University of Texas at Arlington student Tracy Nanthavongsa launched TreyCruz.com. It’s a blog that could easily assume Perez Hilton’s audience if, like, a defamation lawsuit completely shut down Perez’ site.

This week, Nanthavongsa kept tabs on: “Who wears a Speedo better: Giorgio Armani or David Beckham?” and Brody Jenner loving that people describe “Bromance” as homoerotic. According to site tracker Alexa.com, TreyCruz averages about 238,000 page views in a week.

Soon, you’ll have to bookmark a new URL address. Nanthavongsa says he’s launching PopWired.com — the new name of his blog.

The name “Trey Cruz” was a mash-up: “Trey” was a nickname bestowed by an uncle, and “Cruz” is the last name of a boyfriend, with whom Nanthavongsa is having “legal issues.”

Nanthavongsa says PopWired “covers mainly pop culture and gossip revolving around the men. … Almost like afterelton.com.”

The launch date of PopWired is expected sometime in 2009.

Source: http://www.dallasvoice.com/dossier-january-2-2009-1018544.html

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