Bully Suicide Project

DALLAS — Saturday mark the launched of the Bully Suicide Project with the release of their photo shoot by local photographer, Tracy Nanthavongsa. Youth First Texas played a big part in the shoot as many of their members were the subject of these digital post cards.

The man responsible behind it all is Beaux Wellborn. As a volunteer for YFT and a motivational speaker with Campus Harmony, he had enough of seeing kids coming in beat up or with bruises. Thus, he conceived the project.

“Kids jumped at the chance to tell their stories,” he said.

This motivated Wellborn enough to have the project running in less than a month. And now, the goal is to have it in every high school in DISD and FWISD by the end of 2010 and it’s not just the gay angle he’s taking.

“We have Latina, overweight people, professionals, African-Americans — this hits a marker that’s bigger but also, it is our way of still promoting the LGBT movement under this bigger umbrella of discrimination.” Wellborn had his own history with the issue adding an emotional connect to the project.

“I was bullied myself and almost committed suicide. When we were doing the photo shoot, I realized the kids in these pictures are being bullied right now. Their family was there to show support. It was so humbling and so powerful,” he said.

The next step for the Bullly Suicide Project is the PSA which is set to launch on YouTube before the end of the month.

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