BlackRapid + ShootSac + Shoes

I think I almost broke the bank! I just bought myself of a couple of new items that I thought were just so crucial to the performance of my work. Well, one of the item was a graduation gift from the amazing Kevin Webb of Metroplex Sports Pics. I bought myself the BlackRapid and some sexy shoes!

The BlackRapid (pictured above) is a must have for any photographer whether you are shooting sports, portraits, weddings, etc. It is mainly crucial for photographers that can’t afford to miss a shot because they’re fiddling around with the default neck strap.

An added bonus: it’s padded — and so comfortable. Given, I felt like I was carrying around a gun holster, but the few seconds I saved to pull the camera up to my face to get that money shot completely compensates for the cost of the item and the potential extra screening by the TSA when traveling.

For a fashion photographer such as myself, this little product comes in handy because I’m lazy and don’t feel like moving around a scratchy neck strap.

The ShootSac was given to me as a graduation gift by Kevin Webb, the man who helped me get started with a few of my first photography gear such as light modifiers. It’s a fancy lens bag that can hold up to three lenses, up to a 70-200L glass per lens pouch. This is obviously geared towards the wedding professional who needs an easy way to change lenses while shooting. I use the ShootSac to compliment my main camera bag which I used as my main storage when traveling. The ShootSac comes in handy when I’m photographing and rather avoid bumping into people and knocking over tables at a wedding reception.

And of course, the most important item of all… shoes! You can’t be a great fashion photographer without having amazing shoes! 🙂 Hope you all had a great weekend!

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