Dallas Photography Socials

I have this huge fear of meeting strangers, especially ones with gigantic egos thus is usually the case with most photographers. Yesterday I decided to go to my first photo workshop ever, hosted by the “Dallas Photography Socials” and sponsored by Arlington Camera.

Though despite my fears, I have to admit that I was pretty impressed. They had a pretty huge setup with about six improv-studios and Profoto lighting gears all around. Each attendant was allowed to play around with the lighting and provided models to basically learn some new lighting techniques.

Even with the many setups, I wish they had differentiated them a little and explained the difference between a portrait, glam, and fashion lighting, because there is a huge difference.

I think my favorite instructor that day had to be the Asian guy (forgot his name) who basically lead the way in introducing me to strip boxes. He went as far as to plugging and unplugging different lighting scenarios just to show me how it differ in the photos.

The most scary part of the event wasn’t the influx of photographers waiting in line with huge egos to compliment their huge lenses — it was the woman who knocked over a videographer’s camera onto the floor. I seriously almost crapped myself seeing the lens on the floor. Thank goodness for photography insurance.

Needless to say, I’m pretty sure i’ll be attending another of their events.

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