Mens Book: Jordan Bergendahl

It’s about time I got back to a little fashion photography! Don’t take me wrong, I love the whole cheesy family photo and the forced smiles, but sometime shooting men and women in fashion wear seem to fit me best. I recently photographed a male model, those of you who follow my work may recognize him, Jordan Bergendahl. I worked with him two years ago as a test for my “My First Kiss” series which made a huge round on the internet.

Luckily Jordan decided to get into the game and he asked me to work with him again. Wanting to get more model-esque men into my portfolio and the desire  to dissolve a bit from the portraiture work I of course said “hell yes!”

The photos here were shot on a seamless dove gray background with two 580exii, a large reflector camera right, and of course a little bit of playing around with my limited light setup. I hope you all enjoy the photo set and please leave a comment!

7 Responses To  “Mens Book: Jordan Bergendahl”
  • Juan

    Wow!! These pictures look great! I think you have a good job lol

    Get to see a lot of eye candy but your work is amazing :))

  • Dylan M.

    OMFG! Amazing ass work, Tracy! This is totally legit. I can't believe how detailed the photos are. Awesome work!

  • Bradley I.

    Tracy, these shots are ridiculously amazing. You're doing such an amazing job and your work inspires me to work harder so that….one day… I'll be better than you 🙂 Keep up the great work buddy!!

  • Tracy

    Thanks for the feedback everyone! Your comments are greatly appreciated 🙂 Keep em' coming.

  • Joran bergendahl

    Hey the photos look amazing man, very good job once again!!

  • Maribel Dowd

    Woww- what amazing pictures. SUCH a STUNNING young man. Great JOB Tracy.

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