Tracy Nanthavongsa featured in Evoke Magazine

DALLAS (June 20, 2011) — Fashion photographer Tracy Nanthavongsa was featured and interviewed in the latest issue of Evoke Magazine, a lifestyle and entertainment rag. Evoke labeled Tracy as “a rising star full of ambition and the talent to create a real name for himself in fashion photography.”

In the ‘Behind The Lens’ interview Tracy dishes about the good and the bad regarding the extremely competitive photography industry. He mention how he think he stuck out amongst the millions of photographers and what helped drive his creativity.

“I believe vision is the most important aspect of any photographer. Anyone can learn to mimic a technique… what separates a photographer apart is how they compose an image and if they are able to effectively deliver their message to the clientel.”
– Tracy Nanthavongsa

Evoke Magazine also gave Tracy the task to shoot the summer spread for the issue which featured models Ryan Pagliaro, Joshua Hoffman, and Jose Fernandez. The photos were shot in Grand Prairie, Texas at Joe Pool Lake. In the interview the photographer mention that they were escorted off the premises because the photos were getting a bit steamy.

Evoke: Any unique or funny experiences you’ve had while on any shoots?
Tracy: The most funny experience would be shooting the images for this magazine. Out of all days we decide to shoot a bunch of guys in their underwear on a lake during Memorial Day weekend. Families were out and eyes were all on us. That was, until the police came and kicked us out.

“My creativity stems from my ability to say whatever I want, when I want, without being fearful of feeling stupid” – Tracy Nanthavongsa

Evoke: Do you prefer commercial work over artistic projects?
Tracy: I don’t think there’s really a difference between commercial/artistic work in the general sense. It only becomes commercial if you’re making money off of it. Regardless of the style, I love the high visibility that most corporate clients are able to deliver with their marketing effort.

Evoke Magazine is  freely available for pickup on stands  at major LGBT areas in the DFW. The issue will also be available online soon.

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  • Ruth Rojas :)

    Loved the interview, was funny and flowed very easily! I give it thumbs up! Muy bien Tracy 🙂

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