BTS: Jeff Thomas, Kim Dawson Agency

A few weeks ago I decided to recreate my men’s book. I wanted to aim towards the more fashion geared clientel, aka the designers and ad agencies that I need to get bookings from. I wanted to create and stick to my own style instead of being too diverse and broad. I wanted to go kind of dark and sexy at the same time. This has proven to be a challenge and I’m still constantly working on it and hopefully I will get there one day.

The third model in my line-up was booked last minute, but we got lucky in that he had modeling experience and was represented by the Kim Dawson Agency. Score!  Jeff Thomas definitely delivered and I had a blast working with him. I loved not having to direct every single pose and the entire team was gamed to work and the deliverables definitely showed it.

For this particular shoot I had a three team setup which consisted of Makeup by Crissy, my assistant Aman, and my temp lighting assistant/behind the scenes photographer Greg Clayton.

Call time was at 8:30am. The model showed up at my friend’s loft at 8:00am while he was still sleeping. It was no surprised I was slightly yelled at, lol.

After hair and makeup we immediately started shooting at 9:30am on the rooftop of the Ilume Dallas. It was hot as hell and i’m referring to the fiery heat of Texas.

Technical Gibberish

Needless to say, as you can tell by the picture above, this fashion photo session was strictly shot with two canon speedlites and a simple 48″ reflector/diffuser as a modifer. I shot mainly at shutter 250, f4-f8, and ISO100.

My reasoning for shooting between f4-f8 was because I wanted as little DoF as possible, but still have that soft blur in the background. I also changed it around every so often to get the exposure I wanted on my client’s skin tone. I used a shutter speed of 250 because that’s the fastest I can have it go to get the amount of ambient light I needed with my particular speedlite without causing a falloff.

We then headed down to an alley across the street and shot at a random red gate that was behind a store. Everything went pretty good asides from the random man coming up to us, who literally stood there staring at us for about 30 minutes. There was a point where Jeff had to change outfits and asked the man to turn around because the man clearly didn’t think it was common courtesy to turn around in the first place. Anywho, did that, done that. We got the shots which will be going online in a week or so.

Check out the complete behind the scene photos shot courtesy of Greg Clayton Photography. Special thanks to my team members.

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