Happy Holidays: I got a new camera!

Christmas certainly came early for me thanks to my beautiful mother! Out of the blue she bought me a Canon 5D Mark ii!!! Yes, she is officially mom of the year! She has always been dear to my heart and followed my endeavor in the arts.

When I picked up my first dSLR in 2007, a Canon Rebel xti, my family and friends were extremely skeptical. A lot of them didn’t understand why I spent so much money on a camera. Hell, at the time even I didn’t fully understand why I spent that much money on a camera… I just knew I wanted it.

It was something in the air — probably the smell of my neighbors smoking weed– that attracted me to photography. Though I have to note, I wasn’t completely new to photography at all. I was the typical Asian tourist with the point and shoot that snapped photos at every given moment.

“Picture picture!” became my lingo. It was a synonym for me.

I was the boyfriend that had a billion photos of my relationship while my partner had like one photo of us stored in a storage bin somewhere. It was only natural for me to take it a step further with a dSLR.

To this very day, a lot of clients and colleagues of mine have found it very surprising to see what I have done with the most basic of cameras and some simple lighting equipment. This just goes to show that it’s not your big expensive gadget that gets the photo… it’s everything else that you do to capture it that creates the winning shot.

On a different note, I’m not going to lie, I really hope the announcement of the Canon 5D Mark iii is a little delayed so that I can enjoy this camera for at least 6 months before I have to sell it. I’m extremely grateful that my mom actually see some sort of potential in me as a photographer. I was under the assumption that she still wanted me to become a lawyer or doctor, but this purchase fully made me see her appreciation for my work and years of sweat and tears for this field.

I seriously pushed my old camera to its limit and beyond, and this new camera will no doubt take me to a completely new playing field with limitations I can not wait to seek and explore.

Anyway, I wish you all the best for 2012. Have a safe holiday and I look forward to hearing from you all! Don’t drink and drive, bitches!

This is the first picture I took with the Canon 5D Mark ii
This is how the view would look like with a 24-70 @ 24mm on a 1.6 cropped sensor camera:
This is how the view would look like with a 24-70 @ 24mm on a Full Frame sensor camera:
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  • David

    The shots you took with just a simple XTi were amazing, so I can't wait to see what you can do with your new 5D!

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