Reality TV Show, WFAA’s A-List Wedding Photographer

Oh boy it has been an interesting month! Now that winter is here and because no one wants to freeze their ass off doing a photoshoot and more than likely saving up money for the holidays, my bookings slowed down.

Despite the slowdown, however, thankfully this month has been going a lot different than others. I recently got nominated to run in this local Dallas competition to claim bragging rights as Dallas’ A-List Best Wedding Photographer. The voting will end January 27th so please take a few second of your time to vote for me. It will definitely make my Christmas, Hanukkah, whatevs!

The most major development, as most of my facebook and twitter followers already know, a month or so ago I received an email from a casting director telling me about this new reality show based on fashion photography and asked if I was interested in applying.

Tracy Nanthavongsa Photographer

Um, Tracy Nanthavongsa + TV = hell yea!

It has been a lengthy process with having to produce a pdf portfolio book overnight,  two video clips for submission and finally having to submit my last one yesterday detailing two photoshoot concepts and budget. Let me tell you now, it is a bitch to try and upload 2gb’s of video over a home DSL connection. It’s an even bigger pain when you have about 98% of your upload completed and then the internet dies on you.

I’m sure the talents that applied for this show are all amazing and I can’t wait to see who gets cast for this awesome show. Wish me the best of luck because I’m seriously dying to get this! I’m proud to at least have made the top 10 of finalist for consideration.

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