[Video] Hearts & Things Photoshoot – Ad Campaign

I had such an amazing time this past weekend in Houston, Texas doing a photoshoot for the Hearts & Things ad campaign. My assistant and I started the 4 hour drive from Dallas to Houston, of course stopping at the famous Bucee’s along the way, and finally made it by night fall Friday.

I did this shoot pretty much pro-bono for my friend so hair and makeup was done before hand and we just met up with the models at this cool old beer brewery on the outskirts of Houston. The first thing the property owner said when we got there was:

“Beware of poop, raccoons, and possums”.

I started getting nauseated when I heard the word “poop”. Then he tells us there are raccoons and possums hiding in the abandoned building! Yea, that didn’t fly too well with me. That wasn’t the worst part — I kept getting dust and all this rusty material on my clothes while shooting… and stuff kept falling into my big beautiful Dallas hair. Nonetheless, it was such an amazing venue to use and I could not stop thinking about how the photos would turn out otherwise if my assistant had never scouted the area.

We literally spent like an hour and a half shooting and we were done! It was the quickest shoot I’ve ever did, but the photos looked pretty great straight off camera. Check out the behind the scenes video after the jump and behind the scenes photos of me with my models.

YouTube Preview Image

A little about Hearts & Things:
H&T was founded by my friend Jr. Luat of Los Angeles, California. It was created during the whole tsunami crisis in Japan in which Jr. started this really cool thing where he weaved together something in the shape of a heart and would sell them to raise money which he then relayed to charities to help with the disaster relief in Japan. The heart shape woven thing then eventually turned into a really cute tshirt and tank line.


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