Engagement Dinner: Brea + Crystal

A few weeks ago, quite literally less than 48 hours, I was hired last minute for an engagement dinner party.  I wasn’t booked that entire weekend evening so I figured what could it hurt. It’ll be nice to see happy smiling people having a great time celebrating their future marriage.

As you all know this isn’t really my cup of tea. I try to stay away from photographing parties as much as possible, but hey, I have bills to pay too!

Brea and Crystal was one of the cutest couples I have ever met. Being able to capture their moment was beyond amazing not only because I’m a sissy, but because it hit a little closer to home since these women were a gay and lesbian couple.

It brought back so many emotions and thought provoking feelings that I actually ended up enjoying the party and I didn’t even notice my time was ending until one of the brides mentioned it to me.

As I have said many times over and over again, LGBTs deserve the same rights as anyone else to get married in any state and in any country… after all, who can really define what love is?

Needless to say, I wish these two beautiful women the best of luck in their future and I look forward to hopefully working with them on their engagement and wedding photography in 2013.

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