Rebranding: Moving Fashion Forward in 2012

A new year, a new beginning! It was crazy how quickly 2011 flew right by, which thankfully opened great new opportunities for me. I even got tons of new gears in 2011 which included my Macbook Pro, 27″ LED Cinema Display, Intuos 4, a Canon 24-70L 2.8 and of course my baby of all babies, the Canon 5D Mkii. Yeeaahhh boy!!!

So like everyone else, I’ve decided to declare a New Years resolution for my photography business… and that resolution is to rebrand, restructure, and rebuild my entire portfolio to be primarily beauty, fashion, and editorial-focused — and of course a wedding here and there to pay the bills.

Presentation is key: Your Photography and Professional Image 

Businesses rebrand all the time whether it’s because they are trying to meet modern trends in visibility or they are trying to fix something they screwed up by gaining a “new” start.

The whole reason for me wanting to rebrand is because I feel like I haven’t quite found my style or niche yet. Sure I shoot in a certain way and I definitely light in a certain way, but there’s a clear difference between beauty portraits and a dumb ol’ family portrait and that’s the style I am endlessly trying to build and perfect my technique on.

In my work I want to portray a sense of emotion, darkness, and still be able to deliver vivid, bright colors which in itself can tell a story. I want emo to look sexy! I want patterns and texture in my images to pop and make people scream!

As far as your photographic images go, your website speaks louder than you do — and since your website is technically the heart to your digital portfolio and the first thing a potential client looks at, it has to represent you and your professional image well and describe your character and personality by design.

My current website isn’t bad, but it isn’t me. I’m not gray, blocky, and completely boring and simple. If you ever meet me in person you’ll find that my hair is the most ridiculous thing about me and probably changes more often than my spring outfit.

I’m loud (Asian trait), full of energy, and I talk all the time — because of this, it’s very important that my attitude can be translated into my web presentation.  I want my web design to deliver that image of this loud, fun, and energetic Tracy Nanthavongsa that clients and agencies are dying to work with. You have to sell yourself and tell your story before your clients even meet you in person, regardless of how big or small a photographer you are, your website is your initial selling point.

Alongside a new website, I’m looking forward to the creation of a new logo, new business cards, and also a new fact sheet 😀

For photographers, I really don’t think logos are that huge of a factor, though a distinctive logo will be easier to remember at first glance than the generic camera icon.

When it come to logos for photographers you obviously want something that describes your work and your style, all in one design. But remember not to overdo it. Your photographs are the centerpiece here and a little byline of “Photo by” goes much further than a crappy logo design would.

Anywho, that’s all folks. If you have any questions please leave them in a comment below and I’ll be glad to answer them.

Happy New Years!!!

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