BTS: Youtube Vlogger Joshua Craze

A few months ago I was contacted by Joshua Craze about doing a photoshoot that he can use towards his promotions and marketing. After a few phone calls we started digging down a little and came up with a fun idea of shooting at an off-road carnival and having him dressed like a Ringleader/Circus Master. He also wanted some beauty shots done against a white background which was surely easy enough.

Two weeks ago we did the actual photoshoot and Joshua was kind enough to brought along his friend who was there to record his experience during the photoshoot. Today he sent me over the final Youtube video he created for his fan base and for us to share with you all. Check it out! Hope ya’ll like it.

YouTube Preview Image

View one of his headshots after the jump, more pictures to come soon!

Joshua Craze by Tracy Nanthavongsa
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