Behind the Scenes

BTS: Youtube Vlogger Joshua Craze

A few months ago I was contacted by Joshua Craze about doing a photoshoot that he can use towards his promotions and marketing. After a few phone calls we started digging down a little and came up with a fun idea of shooting at an off-road carnival and having him dressed like a Ringleader/Circus Master. He also wanted some beauty shots done against a white background which was surely easy enough.

Two weeks ago we did the actual photoshoot and Joshua was kind enough to brought along his friend who was there to record his experience during the photoshoot. Today he sent me over the final Youtube video he created for his fan base and for us to share with you all. Check it out! Hope ya’ll like it.

YouTube Preview Image

View one of his headshots after the jump, more pictures to come soon!


BTS: Fashion shoot for Prestige Model Management

WHOA! It was seriously a crazy weekend! I still have no idea how I went through the day shooting without any liquid courage in my system. I never thought shooting five female models one day, and three male models the next would have been so hectic.

Asides from hair and makeup taking forever, the shoot itself was pretty much a breeze and I got some pretty great shots that my assistant and I are still reviewing. We basically shot in three different locations around Dallas with a variety of looks ranging from swimwear to formal, to a beautiful Louis Vuitton gown shot in a more editorial format at the Palamor Hotel.

There was this very cool dressy shirt made entirely from pearls! I kind of felt sorry for the model that had to wear that outfit because you can only imagine the pearl’s absorption of 58 degree weather on the model’s skin.

Anyways, I’m too lazy and tired to write any more stuff for today. See the behind the scenes photo of the fashion shoot below shot by Vuvu Duong.

It’s official, I made the fashion photography show!

I made the reality tv show!!! WOOT WOOT! So I was basically in tears when I found out the big news via email! I was officially selected to be on the new reality tv show based on fashion photography. The production will start in early April at a location I wasn’t allowed to disclosed 🙂


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