Tokyo, Japan Vacation on a Budget

My recent vacation to Tokyo, Japan on March 7 – March 13 had to possibly been the hugest culture shock I have ever encountered. It was also by far one of the best vacations I have ever had. I’m not sure if it was the city lights, the fast-paced streets, the countless things to do or just the politeness of every single Japanese person there, but the city was very well-received in my eyes.

To travel from a country that view holding your significant other’s hand as a courtesy, to a country that finds that same public act as taboo, or provocative, was definitely something worth witnessing. The streets were beyond clean, smoking in non-designated area was prohibited, and traveling around Japan — though was confusing at first — can be easily done through their train system which is by far the best and organized system that exists, I think.

If you thought you’ve experienced sushi or real Asian food in America, THINK AGAIN. The sushi was not smothered in mayo or all that other crap sauce that sushi restaurants in America are notorious for. You are literally eating raw food, healthy food, Japanese-people skinny food.

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