Visiting Seoul, South Korea on a budget

Envision a landscape of mountains, thousands of trees, temples, and dirt roads that royal dynasties once explored. Now climb up enough hills and peaks and you’ll quickly realize that you’re still in a metropolis filled with busy skylines and the aroma of coffee shops at every corner.

As with any wanderluster, we often find ourselves looking through photographs of our past amazing vacations trying to recollect everything that had happened. We remember the crowded streets, the smell of street food, and the inevitable sores and blisters from hours upon hours of walking.

Being a hopeless romantic sucks. Being a hopeless romantic that watches Korean dramas suck even more. Whether I was stuck on the notion of running around the city with my true love hand-in-hand while we ride into the sunset on a moped, or the idea of having a cute coffee date with my oppa at a cafe, something about Seoul just drove the goo-goo-gaga in me completely wild.

After spending a solid two years watching Korean dramas, I was given the best anniversary gift ever, a trip to Seoul by my boyfriend! Unfortunately due to our times and schedule constraint, the trip was only limited to a full 7 days of exploration. And you can bet we took advantage of those full seven days in what I can only describe as FABULOUS!


Coco Rocha’s cover shoot in 19 frames
YouTube Preview Image

What does it take to be a model these days? Watch super model Coco Rocha posing for a cover of the latest Target campaign — all done in just 19 frames. She can definitely work her angles! Working with models that need little to no direction  is like the seven wonders of world.

Pocket Wizards Plus iii + Wacom Intuos5

Its definitely been a good minute since I last updated my website and blog. Needless to say I’ve been extremely busy with work and thankfully also being able to photograph on a consistent basis. I recently also shot a new editorial for Dallas Hotel Magazine which should be coming out in early July.

A month or so ago I wrote a blog about rebranding and why it was important to businesses to have an identity and what my goal was in regards to rebranding myself for 2012.

In my work I want to portray a sense of emotion, darkness, and still be able to deliver vivid, bright colors which in itself can tell a story. I want emo to look sexy! I want patterns and texture in my images to pop and make people scream!

I’ve definitely been living up to that promise with more fashion-focused images which I love, but I have obviously been doing portraits and weddings on the side as well since that pays a lot of the bills.


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