Bridals – Alyssa Danelle Werry – Day

Check out my latest bridal session with the extremely photogenic Alyssa Danelle Werry – Day. Her cousin, whom went to school with me, commissioned me to photograph her bridal as a wedding day gift. We photographed her bridals in downtown Dallas. The session went without a hitch and we captured some pretty amazing photographs!

The client wanted something less traditional and more urban and fashion-forward. I hope I was able to deliver that.

Congrats to Alyssa and her now husband, Brett — they officially became husband and wife this past Saturday, May 18th. I wish you two the very best! See the rest of the sets after the jump.

How to piss off a wedding photographer

As you all know, my field of photography mainly focuses on fashion and advertising, but I often get commissioned to do wedding photography at least twice a month. While capturing the memory of a lifetime for your client sounds like the greatest job in the world, which it is, it is definitely not an easy task. But one definitely worthwhile if you have clients that understands your pricing and have a total respect for your art.

Engagement Dinner: Brea + Crystal

A few weeks ago, quite literally less than 48 hours, I was hired last minute for an engagement dinner party.  I wasn’t booked that entire weekend evening so I figured what could it hurt. It’ll be nice to see happy smiling people having a great time celebrating their future marriage.


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