Mugshots of CEBA Miss Sweetheart Pageant 2013

I’m back — and hopefully blogging and keeping you guys updated a lot more. Its been a good what, 9 months since I last made a blog post? A lot has been going on personally which has mentally worn me out. I’m still proud to keep on pushing though! I have a lot of new photos that I need to get up on this site, but until then please be sure to follow me on Facebook.

I recently volunteered to help a dear friend of mine out who was coordinating the 2013 CEBA Miss Sweetheart Pageant which was held Jan 31, 2013 at Station 4 in Dallas.

Basically this is a competition where all the pretty boys dresses up as pretty girls and strut their stuff in stereotypical pageant format, with the inclusion of 8 inch heels and wigs that looked freshly plucked from India.

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